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Expressive Arts Workshops, Guided Imagery Groups, and Creative Arts Groups

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Maryann’s Jovial Explorations uses Expressive Arts principles in the workshops to create opportunities for you to explore and foster self-discovery, personal development and healing. We use a multi-based art approach such as drama, visual arts, music and poetry.

No Artist Experience required


Maryann’s Jovial Explorations seeks to create and inspirational and safe place that fosters creative pilgrimages of the soul and spirit journeys.

Values:  Creativity, Imagination, and Exploration

Our Signature Workshops

Jovial Explorations is an agency that primarily focuses on Expressive Arts workshops and also has Guided Imagery groups and Creative Arts Groups. Jovial Explorations is a Toronto Based Agency.

Expressive Arts Workshops

Expressive arts are workshops bases on Expressive arts theories and practices. Expressive arts uses multiple types of art forms that are developed into workshops that assist people with personal growth, and transformation and more. Expressive Art Workshops are on categories such as Death, Grief and Loss, Creativity, Stress, and Burnout.

Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization sessions are relaxations groups where staff will be guiding you through images of nature and other scenery. If you choose, the staff can tailor the session on special scenery that is discussed beforehand.

Creative Arts Workshop

The visual arts and crafts groups to learn new art skills and have fun. Some of the arts will be such topics as mask making, wire sculpture, and mixed media. These groups will be inclusive groups and all skills levels will be invited to join. Some of the arts groups will be catered to people […]

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